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What really is Beatbox? How about we tell you all about it?



« Beatboxing is making music with the mouth. »

This is the first definition that comes to mind, and one which is both accurate and inaccurate.

Conference Tiko Human BeatBox

Tiko and Fayabraz, two veteran beatboxers, have specifically tailored a presentation complete with live performances so that you can become acquainted with the many facets of Human Beatbox.

Delve into the history of this vibrant scene and discover how the practice evolved and grew into what it is today. Unravel the mind-blowing technical tricks of a vocal conjurer… And while we’re at it, is it really that vocal after all?

How about we tell you all about it?

Fayabraz and Tiko toured the world with their band UNDER KONTROL, which they formed in 2007 as a beatbox quartet, including band members Micflow and Mr Lips. Gaining the titles of World team champions in 2009 and Vice-champions in 2015, they produced the first 100% beatbox album entitled « 1 », which was released in 2011.


They are two artists who have been present and involved at all levels of the beatbox scene, and they have made it their mission to promote Human Beatbox across all over the world since 2005. Today, they wish to share their knowledge of this prolific discipline with a fun, thorough and interactive conference.


Conference duration 1H45

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