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A firm believer in the fun and educational potential of human beatbox, Tiko has given open introductory courses since 2006.


In classes designed for all sorts of people, for those with and without disabilites, for those with and without musical ability ; these classes are open to actors, dancers, children and adults,

Tiko explores the voice in all its states. He provides advice for better understanding and controlling our own vocal apparatuses while having fun through learning how to beatbox.

Whether you’re just looking to get started or looking to create your own beatbox repertoire for a collective of people, don’t hesitate, get in touch.


Beatboxing is an amazing musical and physical activity for self-development.

  • Workshop with a group of people with learning disabilities in partnership with the ACODEGE and Octarine. (2007/2008, Dijon).

  • Cross-generational workshop with a retirement home and two classes from the Blamont preschool, in partnership with MOLOCO. (2017/2018 Audincourt).

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  • Workshop in collaboration with Elie Carton de Grammont and classes from the Claude Charra School (Bourgoin-Jallieu) designed around the music score  “Here Is The New Sound”  (2012).

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  • « TAPE L’INCRUSTE » : Eight classes from the Jean Moulin School (Villeurbanne) in collaboration with the company L’OGRESSE (2017-2018).

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Eolo [ more information ] , CFMI of Lyon , ENSATT,  Lyon’s Opera , MJC strucutures, Hôpital St Jean de Dieu